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The Wellspring is a monthly health publication distributed throughout the US and Canada. As the first magazine of its kind, The Wellspring was created to educate and inform the Jewish community on topics related to health and wellness, as well as to provide insights and suggestions to promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the informative content for adults, The Wellspring contains a “Well of Youth” pullout, geared toward educating teens and children about various health and wellness subjects, as well as the “Eat Well” food section, which offers innovative, healthful recipes and nutrition tidbits. The Wellspring’s staff is comprised of seasoned nutritionists, personal trainers, and talented writers, who collaborated to set a new standard in the health and wellness media arena.

The Wellspring is published as a public service by Maxi-Health Research, Ltd., in order to provide the Jewish community with research-based, informative, and engaging articles on health and wellness. This impeccably designed and crafted monthly publication offers advice on topics such as nutrition, fitness, mental wellness, and general health in order to aid its readers in their pursuit towards better health and quality of life. By offering treatment suggestions for various general or seasonal health issues, The Wellspring aims to help its readers in their goal to attain and maintain a clean bill of health.

  • Shiffy Friedman, MSW, CNWC
    Editor In Chief

    As a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, published writer Shiffy Friedman is passionate about her belief in holistic nutrition. From her experiences as a psychotherapist and her personal journey towards leading a healthy lifestyle, Shiffy gleaned the knowledge necessary to coordinate the compilation and publication of research-based, compelling articles relating to health and wellness. She sees the quest of health as a spiritual journey, a fulfillment of the Torah’s commandment for us to guard ourselves. Truly concerned about the quality of life of the global Jewish community, Shiffy aims to make The Wellspring a guidance tool for Orthodox Jewish families around the world who want to lead the healthier, richer lifestyles she feels they deserve.

  • Liba Solomon, CNWC
    Feature Editor

    Liba Solomon is a certified nutrition and wellness consultant who specializes in guiding teens toward leading healthy lifestyles. Liba’s belief is that once healthy eating habits are established during adolescence, her clients can move on toward making smart choices in their adulthood.

  • LR Wilen, PFC
    Fitness Advisor

    A fitness coach and personal trainer with a degree in business for health professionals , LR Wilen combines her passion for physical fitness and her love of people in her business, “Live Right with LR.” She provides personal fitness training and help to individuals striving for higher levels of fitness and health. LR works with individuals in private one-on-one settings, as well as in classes throughout Brooklyn, including classes for organizations such as Menucha. LR’s dedication to fitness and her desire to help others led to her latest endeavor, spearheading Team Our Place in the upcoming Jerusalem Marathon in March.

  • Rabbi Hirsh Meisels

    Rabbi Hirsch Meisels is a renowned expert on healthy living in the Jewish community. In his Wellspring column, Wellness Platform, he delivers vital health information culled from his years of experience as the founder and director of FWD, Friends With Diabetes.

  • Shani Taub, CDC

    Certified dieting consultant Shani Taub has been practicing as a nutritionist in Lakewood for almost a decade, meeting with clients in person and on the phone. She also owns the highly popular Shani Taub food line, which carries healthy, approved, pre-measured foods and delicacies sold at supermarkets and restaurants. In her Wellspring column, Ask the Nutritionist, she answers readers’ questions regarding food choices, nutrition, and healthy habits.

  • Levia Joseph
    Food Columnist

    A seasoned chef with a passion for health, Levia Joseph’s position as the “Eat Well” food columnist is a culmination of her love of the kitchen and desire to create healthful dishes. By providing a variety of recipes for tasty, nutritious, as well as attractive-looking foods, Levia hopes to inspire cooks around the world to enjoy providing nourishing meals for themselves and their families.

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